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Rules (adapted from those used at the Star Trek kink meme):

- Requests should always be posted anonymously, without exception.

- Requests should include preferred characters AND some kind of kink-based prompt (be as specific and as detailed as you wish in outlining your kink, this can only be helpful to prospective writers). It does not have to be porn.

- Each request must be in a separate comment. More than one person may fill any request, there is no limit on the number of fics or drawings each request generates, but for the sake of clarity, please do not post your requests/prompts as a batch.

- Claimants are encouraged to respond anonymously, but are allowed to de-anon if they decide to post their stories or drawings elsewhere under their own name.

- This post is for prompts pertaining to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal anime and manga adaptation.

- No pairing or kink bashing. I think it’s obvious that a little playing nice goes a long way!

- Similarly, no flames. Concrit is allowable only if the anon writer requests it. The point of this meme is not to write the BEST STORIES EVER or to DRAW THE BEST DRAWINGS EVER but to explore one’s every secret, filthy fantasy.

- On the other hand… plot in porn IS allowed. You may post multichapter fics. Depending on the nature of the kink requested, the story need not even be that particularly explicit (sometimes cuddling is a kink). However, all stories must involve some kind of pairings as the primary focus. Gen fic is great, and we love it, but this is not the place for it.

- This comm Is friendly to het, slash/yaoi, femslash/yuri, three-somes or moresomes.

- There is no minimum (or maximum) fic length. Do whatever you feel you need to do in order to fill the prompt.

- If you think you know who made a request/response, please keep this to yourself. No “outing” of participants, not even by guess!

- Drawings/Art responses are allowed. If you want to remain anon you can upload your art to an anonymous image hosting service such as Tinypic.

- Pedophile/Shota/Lolicon drawings are NOT allowed. This exception is in place to protect viewers who come from countries where even the viewing of such art can be construed as a crime. This exception is not intended to be viewed as a value judgment against those who produce/enjoy such works, however.

- Lastly. Although it is not a rule, I would like to submit that anyone who has a request filled consider paying it forward by filling another request elsewhere in the meme.

A list of possible general kinks: http://eliade.livejournal.com/472331.html

Go forth and enjoy!


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